Workshops and Seminars

We design team building programs and retreats for:

  • Helping multicultural groups articulate and define an issue or problem
  • Enabling group participants develop their own action plan to achieve success
  • Creating organizational alignment
  • Facilitating effective collaboration amongst virtual team members
  • Supporting successful intergroup communication and cohesion of team goals


In a coaching relationship we work together with the client to establish trust, reliability, confidentiality and to set measurable goals. From a thorough needs assessment we move to employing strategic approaches including competency-based inventories, mental models and research based assessment tools to measure growth. Throughout the engagement process, we explore new ways of observing patterns of behavior, leading to a greater level of self-awareness. It is our philosophy that changes in behavior can happen when we are more expansive within our own selves.

In our coaching programs we employ strategic methods that add value both to the individual being coached and also to the bottom line of the organization.

Cross Cultural Training

We design customized and targeted trainings on topics including:

  • Communication styles
  • International mobility and relocation
  • Transitions
  • Intercultural dimensions
  • Values and differences that make a difference
  • Cross cultural competencies
  • Unconscious bias
  • Personal Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence