Our Solutions

What we do:

Cultural Intersections is a global consulting firm specializing in effective solutions to organizational challenges. We collaborate with our clients to identify issues that prevent individuals and groups from realizing their goals. Our programs lead to transformational changes in our clients, saving organizations and individuals effort, time and money.

How we do it:

Our programs are designed only after we have done a complete and thorough analysis of our client’s needs and concerns.

We believe that the most impactful learning is dynamic, engaging and responsive to the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our programs are designed to include experiential activities, and we utilize active, participatory, and learner- centered methods.

Individual and group exercises stimulate dialogue and interaction between participants, allowing for practice and feedback.

Customized trainings enable learners to acquire the knowledge to build new skills for successful job performance and individual growth.

In our coaching programs, we incorporate deep listening, visualization, assessment tools and a variety of holistic methods to support the development of personal leadership competencies in our clients.